Sunday, February 22, 2009

UFO's and leftover bits

I spent some time sorting through some sewing bits and pieces today. It is amazing what you find that has been forgotten.
There are enough left over squares of this lovely flannel to make another small quilt. Just need to find something nice to sash them with.
(Lucky that I am off to the Quilt Fair next weekend!!!!)

How long ago did I buy these foundation piecing kits? Before the kids came along!!!

These lovely little stitcheries were a gift.
I certainly have plenty to do!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A new fence

There have been some changes in my front garden this week. The side fence has been held up by the covering of ivy for a number of years. Recently the fence began to lean and we decided that it was finally beyond repair.

Although the ivy looked green and cool, and was not at all affected by the drought it had to go along with the old paling fence.

There were a few days with no fence at all. Then up went the new colourbond fence.
A load of mulch and a few hours work and the garden was looking much better.
Our gardening frogs even look happy!!!!!