Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time for sewing

It is lovely to have some time off work. Catching up with friends and of course some sewing and gardening!!

Spotted these bargain packs at Ballarat Patchwork and just had to get them. I have never sewn with Chenille before, so thought I would have a go since I am on holidays.

I rushed home with them and started - what a mess when I started cutting!!

A lovely quick and easy pattern, I have enjoyed working on it!

One pack down, one to go. I have decided to sew the two together to make a nice snuggle rug for the couch. Hopefully I will get back to it tomorrow.

Thankyou for the lovely cupcake Annie. It is sitting on my sewing table!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perfect weekend for the garden

I have spent a lovely weekend working in the garden. The lawn is mowed, some plants are trimmed, the compost has been used and the wine barrels have been filled, ready for planting!!!

It is nice to have caught up a bit.

No sewing or crafting undertaken, although I did collect my friendship quilt from our local quilting lady, Elizabeth. I am very pleased with the result - I would never have got it finished if I quilted it myself. I have to decide the best colour to bind it, not sure - any ideas?

While I was there I dropped off the stitchery quilt, now I am looking forward to getting that one completed also.