Sunday, August 10, 2008

A cold winters day at home

What a cold day we have had today!!! Kids have been unwell so it was a good day to be at home in front of the heater.

The kids decided to "Experiment" in the kitchen. Fortunately the 10 year old had done this before. What great effects, just had to take some pics.
He poured some milk into a saucer, added some drops of food dye and then dipped a tooth pick into some detergent before dipping into the milk. Of course we didn't escape without some spilt milk!!!! They had a lovely time.

I managed to do some sewing today too. A few more New York beauties!!

At the end of a cold day in Ballarat - it snowed, the kids were sooo excited!!!!!! ( I was just a little excited too) Just beautiful.


Annie said...

Wow, what a great pic of the snow. I think you got more than we did out here, but it definitely came down. What a good mum you are doing science experiments on the weekend!!! Glad you got some sewing done too. I sewed ALL day - 2 bags, 4 cushions and some mending. Mostly orders. See you next week.

KatieDid said...

Hi Janette,
It was pefect weather for staying inside yesterday! I wated to quilt the new quilt top, and did a few simple rows, but they pulled heaps, so I had to unpick it all and start again. I think I spent 4 hours unpicking (and swearing)!!!

Chocolate Cat said...

Love the kitchen experiment!! It is so effective, think it will be tried at our place. We didn't have any snow but it was cold enough! Roll on spring!!

Jodie said...

Great photos Janette - we didn't have that much snow either - just a little fluff !