Sunday, September 7, 2008

Perfect weekend for the garden

I have spent a lovely weekend working in the garden. The lawn is mowed, some plants are trimmed, the compost has been used and the wine barrels have been filled, ready for planting!!!

It is nice to have caught up a bit.

No sewing or crafting undertaken, although I did collect my friendship quilt from our local quilting lady, Elizabeth. I am very pleased with the result - I would never have got it finished if I quilted it myself. I have to decide the best colour to bind it, not sure - any ideas?

While I was there I dropped off the stitchery quilt, now I am looking forward to getting that one completed also.


KatieDid said...

Janette, your quilt lookd fantastic from the photos. Can't wait to see it and you in the flesh. I have been busy preparing for a recital which was today, so will be back in action soon!

Annie said...

Janette, I LOVE your quilt. I think you will be the first to finish!! Love your garden too. It was a great weekend last weekend. Think I'll mow the lawns tomorrow.

our shabby cottage said...

Hi, Jodie from "Vintage Ric Rac" put me on to you so I thought I'd stop by and say hello! I love your quilt - it looks beautiful.

Annie said...

Yeah!!! holidays are here